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126ECM – Economics and Management

Until the standard present-form lecturing can be reestablished, it will be a combination of self-study, home assignments and live video conferences that will be used instead. Pls follow your university inboxes for continuous info.

Introductory lectures to the construction engineering and management both at the corporate and project level, concentrate on methods applicable in the context of construction project management - i.e planning and controlling of all vital processes, contact with all project stakeholders.
1. Strategic planning and management ofconstruction company,Introduction to construction business management – contemporarytrends, Challenges of construction industry, summary of keymanagement problems.
2. Business strategies to minimize the risk of business failure, plan implementation/control strategies,marketing Comparative analysis of strategies of Skanska AB and Balfour Beatty.
3. Financial management and long term planning,Financial analysis,specific requirements on accounting,financial statements, Project Financing,specific methods of construction contracts,standards according IAS/GAAP,percentage method of revenue and profit recognition.
4. Risk Ma nagement Systems for construction projects.
5. Classification of risk in civil engineering contracts,mitigation of risk,RM systems in industry practice.

Submission of an individual assignment that will be given during the semester and proper student’s attendance in lectures are required to obtain the assessment (zápočet). In the examination period students will be graded based on their level of activity and success in the online Building industry game played throughout the whole semester (30% of the overall course grade) and on results of the written exam (70% of the overall grade).

[1] Mincks, Johnston. Constr. Jobsite Management 2009 plus files from ECM pages
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