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126CONT – Construction Contracting

Construction Contracting is oriented on current business practices and methods, management techniques, codes and regulations. Goals are defined in the whole context of the course content - to prepare students for good orientation in construction company's everyday life and practice.

Main topics of the course:
1. Successful management in civil and building construction
2. Check-up of the state of company and its performance
3. Organizational structures and system of management (basic subsystems)
4. Techniques for accurate estimating and effective bidding
5. Understanding construction contract, bonding, and insurance
6. Project time and cost management
7. Labor relating techniques, company human resources management systems
8. Codes, standards, laws and regulations in construction contracting

All the topics are always presented at two levels - corporate and field.

All four lecturers have long-time experience from international construction practice.
Rozsah: 2 + 1 Kreditů: 3 Zakončení: z,zk
P - Projektový management a inženýring (Mgr.) – 2. semestr
E - Management a ekonomika ve stavebnictví (Mgr.) – 2. semestr
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