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126YCON – Construction Contracting

As every project manager in construction business also has to be a contract manager at the same time, understanding of contracting principles is a must. Course of Construction Contracting is oriented on current business practices and methods, management techniques, codes and regulations. It is about doing business in construction using standard procurement systems and applying given types of contracts, respectively standard contracts (e.g. FIDIC).
Lectures are based on the real practice experience of both course's lecturers.

Submission of an individual assignment that will be given during the semester and proper student’s attendance in lectures are required to obtain the assessment (zápočet). In the examination period students will be graded based on results of the written exam (respectively oral exam for further terms).
Rozsah: 2 + 2 Kreditů: 4 Zakončení: z,zk
P - Projektový management a inženýring (Mgr.)
N - Stavební management (Mgr.)
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